Timothy Bolt, Watercolor Artist
Tim Bolt
South St.Louis
Tim Bolt
Watercolor Artist
St. Louis MO
About the artist,……….Tim Bolt
Tim is a native of South St. Louis city, Holy Family parish just south of Tower Grove Park and Roosevelt High. Tim previously lived in DeSoto MO, Dutchtown, Holly Hills (27 yr), and Lafayette Square Tim and his wife Laura VonderHaar are now downsized in beautiful Downtown St. Louis in the historic Arcade Building
After a long span of not painting, Tim went back to watercolor, pen and ink in 2011 to creatively reflect the world around him. Most appealing is the subject close at hand, that being St. Louis city. The St. Louis cityscape has such a wide variety of look, feel , color, character and history. Interesting subjects can be found in the most common of St. Louis city landmarks. Some of Tim’s subjects may not particularly noteworthy at first but these are places and sites that are close to the heart and history of those who know and love St. Louis. Common reactions to Tim’s work begin with “Oh, I remember…”, “ I used to…”, “ My mom and dad would…” or even “ When I was a kid…” and the personal narrative begins. Tim was a resident artist at Soulard Art Gallery, His work is often seen at area eateries, stores, galleries and art fairs. Visit https://timboltwatercolor.com/section/189818.html