Timothy Bolt, Watercolor Artist
Yellow Car
South St. LouisLester Music, South St. LouisBellerive Bridge @ Broadway
South St. Louis, MoGrand at BatesMinnie Wood Park, South St. Louis,Ted Drewe's ..west.LOAD.... Bates Ave  @ Grand Ave,  Loyal Order of  Alley Dogs.
So. St. Louis CityMorganford and Holly HillsGrand Ave and Bates, So St.LouisShoppers Cleaners ,Grand @  Holly HillsSouth  St.Louis MOMr Yummy,Bates Ave
South St.Louis Mo.Morganford and Bates Tax OfficeBates Ave Service StationDad's Cookies, South  St. Louis CityMerb's Candy S. St. LouisFiesting Fox, South GrandMerb's Candy  South GrandTexico, Holly Hills, St LouisBrains 25 centsTed Drew's, South Grand,South St. LouisSouthside National Bank
South St. Louis, MoSouth Grand Ave..St. Louis MO....1South Grand Ave. St. Louis MO...2South Grand Ave. St. Louis MO....3South Grand Ave. St. Louis MO....4South  Grand Ave, St.Louis, MO. ....5South Grand Ave, St.Louis, MO.....6The Hill Homes 1
St. Louis MO
The Hill Homes 2
St. Louis MoThe Hill Homes 3
St. Louis MOThe Hill Homes 4
St. Louis MOSouth Town Famous Barr
South St. Louis, MOS. Kings Highway at Tower Grove Park
St. Louis MO
South St Louis Cityscapes
South St Louis Cityscapes