Timothy Bolt, Watercolor Artist
Eagle Hurst 33
The  Stone  House 2Eagle Hurst 32
The Barn 3Eagle Hurst  31
Fir, Birch & AspenEagle Hurst 30
Laurel Eagle Hurst 29
Redwood and WalnutEagle Hurst  28
DogwoodEagle Hurst  27
Redbud & HickoryEagle Hurst  26
The ShedEagle Hurst  25
The  Lodge 2 Eagle Hurst  24
The LodgeEagle Hurst  23
CottagesEagle Hurst 22
The WagonEagle Hurst  21
The LodgeEagle Hurst 20 
Birch & AshEagle Hurst 19 
PineEagle Hurst 18
Maple & AshEagle Hurst 17
Aspen and  PecanEagle Hurst 16
Redwood & WalnutEagle Hurst 15
Stone  House 2Eagle Hurst 14
Cottages from the BarnEagle Hurst 13
SassafrasEagle Hurst 12
OakEagle Hurst 11
PineEagle Hurst 10, 
CottonwoodEagle Hurst 9
Flamingo and Picnic TableEagle Hurst 8
The Merry-go-roundEagle Hurst 7
CottagesEagle Hurst 6
St Norbert's Chapel Eagle Hurst 5
Drive and  BarnEagle Hurst 4, Stable Sign
Eagle Hurst 3, The Barn 2Eagle Hurst 1
Front GateEagle Hurst 2,  The Barn 1
Gazibo  at Eaglehurst
Eagle Hurst Resort
Steelville, MO.
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